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Alan Galvez Insurance Blog: 5_2014

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Us insurance agents have it pretty tough. When asked what we do, we can't say exciting things like "pilot", "astronaut" or "firefighter." Well we could, but then we'd be lying and wouldn't THAT be awkward when people started asking detailed questions? And God forbid we tell the truth. READ MORE >>

Having the right kind of automobile insurance is important to insure you have the appropriate coverage in the event of a claim. If your vehicle is used for business purposes, then commercial auto insurance is the right type of insurance for you.n READ MORE >>

Ohio homeowners insurance is designed to protect homeowners from liability for visitors' accidental injuries as well as from damage to the property. If you have a swimming pool, it's important to understand exactly what your insurance does and does not cover. READ MORE >>

In its basic form, it protects your most important "stuff." Think of it this way- if you took your house and turned it upside down, all the "stuff" that falls out is yours. The policy will pay you to replace your "stuff" that is damaged in the event of a covered loss. READ MORE >>

Short answer- Yes, you really need life insurance. But there are a few circumstances under which it's absolutely critical that you have life insurance. Here's 4 situations where it's critical to have life insurance - You have kids. If you have kids, having a life insurance policy on yourself is the best possible way to protect your kids. READ MORE >>

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