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If you're searching for Ohio health insurance, chances are you've come across the term Premium Tax Credit or Subsidy. If you haven't or need more information about the Tax Credit, you need to read on as it's pretty important stuff (and could really reduce the cost of your health insurance).  READ MORE >>

We get LOTS of questions about whether someone should apply for Ohio health insurance On-Exchange OR Off-Exchange (and for those that need further clarification- the Exchange is also referred to as the Health Insurance Marketplace, commonly called the Marketplace).  READ MORE >>

In the few years since the Affordable Care Act has been introduced, Ohio health insurance plans have undergone a massive change. Not only are certain benefits now mandated, but plans have also been standardized. Here's what this means for you. Here's examples of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) plans READ MORE >>

Answer Part 1: Your income falls just enough above the Federal Poverty Line to not qualify you for any sort of financial assistance (called a subsidy). Answer Part 2: Your premium now reflects the fact Insurance Companies can no longer say “No.” The Affordable Care Act is, unfortunately, a misleading name for many. READ MORE >>

Now that Obamacare open enrollment is here, I’m getting lots of questions as to whether someone should apply for a plan ON THE EXCHANGE as opposed to one that is OFF THE EXCHANGE. You may also hear On The Marketplace or Off Marketplace. (exchange and marketplace mean the same thing.). READ MORE >>

We're starting on Year 2 of Obamacare and I think it's safe to to say EVERYONE in the United States learned something new and shocking about the changing nature of health insurance. It was certainly an eye opener for many and I believe will continue to be so even in this second year. READ MORE >>

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