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What is Ohio whole life insurance and how does it work?   Ohio whole life insurance covers you for your whole life.  Simple right?  While term policies might only last for 10, 20, or 30 years, a whole life policy never expires (as long as you keep paying the premiums!)    READ MORE >>

You’ve probably heard us talk about Ohio life insurance before. And maybe you don’t pay much attention because you know that you’re covered through your work insurance policy.  But this could be a big mistake!  Many people believe that life insurance through work is all they need and it turns out to be a BIG problem. READ MORE >>

Have you been thinking about purchasing Ohio life insurance, but worried that it might be too expensive for your family right now?  Today we’ll show you how to get great life insurance for any budget!  LifeHappens. READ MORE >>

A lot of us assume that the only people who need life insurance are the breadwinners of the family. The person who brings home a paycheck that would need to be replaced if they were to pass away. But this simply isn’t true! READ MORE >>

Ohio life insurance is an important kind of coverage but unfortunately, because it’s not required like auto or home insurance, a lot of people don’t understand how it works.   When you purchase life insurance, you are paying a small amount of money so that if you were to die, the insurance company would pay out a lump sum to your beneficiaries. READ MORE >>

When calculating your rates, insurance companies consider hundreds of factors before formulating a quote. For life insurance specifically, these factors include your age, health, weight, career, smoking habits and even your hobbies. Why would your hobbies affect life insurance rates? READ MORE >>

As Valentine’s Day and the season of love gets underway, it’s the perfect time to review your life insurance coverage and talk to family and friends about the many benefits it provides. Life insurance is really “love” insurance. If someone will suffer financially when you die, then you need it. READ MORE >>

So you've decided that it's the right time to get life insurance. But did you realize that one of your favorite hobbies may increase the cost of your life insurance or prevent you from getting it at all? Read on to see if one of your favorite hobbies may cause you a problem when applying for life insurance. READ MORE >>

This is a true story.......... A client cut down in his prime and no life insurance I don't even remember now how the news arrived. It's irrelevant really. One of our clients, dead at 54. Had a heart attack while sleeping. Just like that. Gone. (important to note- there were no early indicators. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is arguably one of the most important investments you can make. While it may be an undesirable thought, you may wonder how your family’s lifestyle will be affected if one day you, the breadwinner, passes on. In the quest to secure the lives of your loved ones in your absence, it is logical to wonder just how much life insurance is enough. READ MORE >>

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