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Alan Galvez Insurance Blog: renters insurance

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One of the biggest assumptions people make about Ohio renters insurance is that it you can't get a lot of the coverage items that you would if you owned a home. That assumption couldn't be farther from the truth. Did you know that you can "dress" up your renters insurance to cover nearly as many things as if you owned a home? READ MORE >>

As you help your son or daughter pack for college, you realize—perhaps for the first time—just how much stuff has accumulated over the years. Clothing, bathroom products and favorite movies go into boxes, which are stacked next to the new purchases you’ve made in preparation for the year ahead. READ MORE >>

Is your child gearing up to go to college in the fall? Is he or she planning to stay in a dorm on campus? With classes to enroll in and packing to do, there’s little time left over to think about insurance. Plus, in a furnished dorm room, how much could there possibly be to protect? READ MORE >>

If you think your landlord’s insurance has you covered, think again Whether you live in a rented property or have a child renting an apartment at college, renters insurance is a must. It protects you from losses caused by theft, natural disasters or a lawsuit. Yet most tenants don’t buy it. READ MORE >>

In its basic form, it protects your most important "stuff." Think of it this way- if you took your house and turned it upside down, all the "stuff" that falls out is yours. The policy will pay you to replace your "stuff" that is damaged in the event of a covered loss. READ MORE >>

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