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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance Information

Commercial Auto Insurance- including Bellefontaine, Marysville, Columbus and Central Ohio

Commercial auto insurance (also referred to as business auto insurance) can be a gray area. If you own a business, many times it's obvious when you need commercial auto insurance. Delivery driver? Check. Plumber, electrician, or HVAC repair/install using your vehicle to haul parts, equipment or make service calls? Check. But how about other exposures that aren't as obvious????

That's why you need the professional advice and guidance of an independent insurance agent like us. 

We can discuss your situation and decide what option will work for you AND keep you properly covered in the event of a claim. Sometimes it's as easy as changing a classification on a personal auto policy. Or we may recommend a separate commercial auto insurance policy (and it's not nearly as expensive as you may think!)  No matter what, we'll get you what you need so there are no unpleasant surprises!

What is commercial car insurance?

Commercial car insurance is simply a policy that allows for commercial usage of a vehicle. In most cases, a personal auto policy EXCLUDES commercial usage of an auto. So if you use a vehicle in your business, and there's a claim, it's possible the company may deny the claim due to that exclusion. 

A commercial auto insurance policy does not have that exclusion. It gladly covers business usage of a vehicle. A common example of business use includes a repair van such as for a contractor (think electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing). 

What is the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance?

The biggest difference is the fact that a commercial auto policy policy allows for commercial usage of a vehicle. Personal auto insurance does not (with few exceptions). A bonus is that a commercial auto insurance policy will also allow personal usage (such as normal, everyday driving, running errands, taking kids places, etc.). So actually the commercial auto policy is broader in its scope- something not often discussed.

Is commercial auto insurance more expensive than personal auto insurance?

It depends. Like personal auto insurance, there are several variables that play a part in the final premium such as your age, driving record, where you live and type of vehicle being driven. 

Commercial auto insurance also takes into account additional factors such as your radius of operations (how far you drive to conduct your business), value of your vehicles, value of any attached equipment and type of business (you can imagine that a local, one person contractor would cost less than a trucker that crosses state lines). 

How do I know whether I need personal auto insurance or commercial auto insurance?

Here's a few tips, however, when in doubt, ASK your agent. 

Vehicle Type- If the vehicle goes beyond what we drive every day (think cars, SUV's, pickups and vans under 12,500 Gross Vehicle Weight), then it's a safe bet a commercial auto policy will be necessary. Big trucks like semis, panel trucks, step vans and a variety of the service vehicles you see are commercial vehicles just based on their size.  

Vehicle Usage- Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy here, but if the vehicle makes service calls, you might need a commercial auto policy. If the vehicle transports or delivers goods (especially if money is involved), you might need a commercial auto policy. If you drive to multiple worksites or meet with many clients in a day, you might need a commercial auto policy. If you've got your business graphics plastered all over the side of the vehicle, you might need a commercial auto policy. 

Vehicle Ownership- If a business entity (LLC, partnership, corporation are examples) owns the vehicle, chances are good you'll need a commercial auto policy. Many personal auto insurance companies won't issue a policy for a vehicle owned by a business. It's that simple. 

For more examples, 
read 7 Ways to Know When to Purchase Ohio Commercial Auto Insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance Definitions

  • Bodily Injury LiabilityIf you injure someone in a car crash for which you are legally to blame, this coverage pays for the injuries (including death) and the cost of legal defense, if necessary.     
  • Property Damage Liability- If you damage someone else's property due to a car crash for which you are legally to blame, this coverage pays to repair the damage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage (Other than Collision)- Pays for damage to your car due to glass breakage, contact with an animal, theft, fire, explosion, falling objects, vandalism, flood and earthquake.
  • Collision Coverage- Pays for damage to your car due to overturn or upset or collision with anything other than an animal. 
  • Uninsured Motorists Property Damage- Pays for damage to your car when involved in a crash with at at-fault uninsured motorist (note- not available if you have collision coverage, as collision would work in a similar fashion).
  • Medical PaymentsPays for medical, hospital or funeral expenses for you and others injured or killed while riding in your car,  regardless of fault. It also covers you and family members if struck by a car as a pedestrian or if riding in another car. 
  • Uninsured Motorists/Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury Liability- Pays for injuries to you or your passengers when hit by someone who does not have auto insurance (uninsured) or does not have enough auto insurance to pay for your injuries (underinsured).

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Helpful Tip: You might want to consider packaging your commercial auto insurance with general liability insurance and commercial property insurance for the best coverage and discounts.  


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