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Umbrella Insurance- including Bellefontaine, Marysville, Columbus and central Ohio

 Hands down, a personal umbrella is the best insurance purchase EVER. Imagine these two scenarios:
  • You have an auto accident, your fault, and fatally wound the other driver.

  • Your kid has a pool party and his friend decides to show off his diving skills. He hits his head on the bottom and is severely injured.

Once the liability limit has been reached, the insurance company is done. You're left to pay the remainder of costs such as medical bills, legal fees, etc. An umbrella insurance policy pays for these costs when your other policy has reached its limit.  

What is an umbrella insurance policy?

The typical umbrella insurance policy is a $1 million policy that covers bodily injury to others and/or damage to their property. It is designed to work with OTHER policies, such as an auto, home, motorcycle, boat- basically any policy that includes bodily injury and property damage liability. See the next question for the answer as to how it works with the other policies. 

How does an umbrella insurance policy work?

Here's an example: you have auto insurance and home insurance. The auto insurance includes a $300,000 bodily injury and property damage liability limit. The home has a $500,000 bodily injury and property damage liability limit. 

You cause an accident and your auto policy pays the maximum of $300,000. You are sued for $500,000. Once the auto policy pays its limit, it's done. In this case, the umbrella policy would "kick in" and pay the remaining $200,000. Without the umbrella insurance policy, you would have to pay that difference out of pocket. 

Beyond just auto insurance and home insurance, the personal umbrella is designed to kick in for lots of other types of policies as well- think motorcycle, rental property, boat and RV

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Most everyone really. If you have assets you want to protect, then you need an umbrella insurance policy. Why? Because in the event of a serious claim that uses up your policy limit (like the above example), those assets will be up for grabs. You might have to sell your house, vehicle(s), or even be subject to a wage garnishment just to pay the excess owed. An umbrella insurance policy is designed to protect your assets and help you keep them. 

How much is an umbrella insurance policy?

For the value provided, the premium is  EXTREMELY reasonable. Although premiums do vary based on where you're located, in our area an average annual premium is around $175, for a primary residence and two passenger vehicles. That breaks down to $15 per month or about $4 per week. Remember, you're getting $1 MILLION of liability coverage. 

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Helpful Tip: Since the umbrella policy is designed to work with your other insurance policies, such as auto insurance and home insurance, we can review these policies as well to make sure there are no coverage gaps and you get the best discounts available. 


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