About Us

We won’t tell you that insurance was a passion of ours from childhood — that would be a big lie. Like most people, it’s something we fell into. But like many Ohioans, including those of us from B-Town, once we signed on, we went all in, committing to doing our best and being the best.

Alan Galvez stumbled into life as an insurance agent in 1971 after being laid off from his factory job (sound familiar?). By 1988, he opened his own agency in downtown Bellefontaine, where we’ve been ever since. His daughter, Carrie, joined the business after college when she really needed a job and some direction with her life. It must have stuck because in 2002, they became business partners.

Bellefontaine isn’t just where we do business. It’s our home. We know that when the town and its citizens do well, we all benefit. That’s why we’re happy to sponsor events during Halloween, the fair, at car shows, and the fire department safety programs when we can. We participate in flag exchange events and Doors of Encouragement for the local Cancer Society. It’s important that we help more than our clients —we need to help the community, too.

In business and as a member of the community, our guiding mission starts with three principles: take care of the customer, treat others how you want to be treated, and always do the right thing. We call it the Galvez Guarantee. We’re a family, and we treat our clients and the community like family, too. No one is just a number on a spreadsheet or a voice on the phone to us.

But we also know that people see insurance as boring, dry, and stuffy. And it can be, but we don’t let it happen here. We take insurance seriously but not ourselves. Maybe that’s why Roxanne, the Office Cat, has chosen us to be her people. Cats have a sense of these things, at least that’s what we tell ourselves. We keep our promises, make insurance understandable and approachable, and believe that we’re here to help clients in a holistic way — not just with a single quote for a single policy. We make insurance easy, and we make it work for a client, their family, or business instead of the other way around.


Community Involvement

Our community is important to us. We support many local causes and events both financially and through volunteer work. Here’s a sample of the community organizations/events we support:

·       Bellefontaine Joint Recreation District

·       Rotary Club of Bellefontaine

·       Downtown Bellefontaine Partnership

·       Logan County Cancer Society

·       United Way of Logan County

·       Logan County Agricultural Society

·       Logan County Landmark Preservation

·       Fraternal Order of Police Hi Point Lodge 60

·       National Child Safety Council in conjunction with Bellefontaine Police Department  

·       National Fire Safety Council in conjunction with Bellefontaine Fire Dept.

·      American Flag exchange program

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