Money Saving Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

coins in rows with a jar full of coins

Once the excitement of your teen driver getting his license wears off, reality hits and you ask the important question- “How much is it going to cost to insure my newly licensed teen driver?” And there’s no easy way to…

Tips to Keep Your Teenage Driver Safe

teenage girl siting in driver's seat leaning out window holding car keys

For a teenager, there really isn’t a greater day than getting your driver’s license. And for a parent, it’s probably one of the worst days. Let’s list the range of emotions- stress, anxiety, worry, panic, fear……..I honestly don’t think there…

What is CLUE and how does it affect my insurance?

computer keyboard with insurance claim written on it

CLUE is an abbreviation for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. What is it? It’s a claims history database produced by consumer reporting agency LexisNexis. In the simplest form, when an auto or property insurance claim happens, the insurance company paying the…

Is gap insurance worth it?

vehicle sitting on top of a descending pile of coins

If you’ve recently bought a new car and had to take out a loan to purchase it, then you really want to consider gap insurance. What is gap insurance? First off, gap insurance goes by many names. Some other common…

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