How does a condo agreement affect my condo insurance?

picture of condo

Although condos (condominiums) have been around for a long time, they have been gaining popularity over the past several years. As the population ages, retirees are choosing condo living so they can enjoy home ownership without many of the associated…

What is NOT covered on my homeowners insurance?

homeowners insurance policy

Whether you’re an established homeowner or buying your first home, you already know that having a solid Ohio homeowners insurance policy is a crucial piece of the puzzle. But do you know what is NOT covered on your homeowners insurance policy? Most…

What a percentage deductible means for your homeowners insurance

percent signs

Have you looked at your Ohio homeowners insurance policy lately? Hint: it’s Ok if you say No. Insurance policies aren’t exactly the most exciting or interesting reading. However, there’s a trend that’s gaining momentum and it MAY affect you without you…

5 Medicare Supplement Scams to Watch Out For

Displays the words Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

My agency has long focused on working with senior citizens as they approach Medicare age, mainly by offering  Ohio Medicare Supplements. We’re known for our informative, consultative approach. We explain what plans are available and help people pick one that best…

What is accessory coverage on motorcycle insurance?


Being a motorcycle rider myself, I’m immensely proud of my “scoot.” I’ve even been teased and penned as the “Chrome Queen” for my obsession with adding chrome to my bike. But did you know that aftermarket chrome (or flame paint…

Homeowners insurance and swimming pools

swimming pool

Whether you’re looking to buy a home that has a swimming pool OR are considering installing one at your existing home, Ohio homeowners insurance companies view swimming pools with concern. Swimming pools can even prevent you from getting homeowners insurance OR cause…

Does umbrella insurance cover medical malpractice?

Picture of Caduceus

Get ready for everyone’s favorite answer: It depends. Truthfully, the answer to this question could easily differ depending on what type of Ohio umbrella insurance you’re discussing (personal vs. business), as well as variations within the business policy itself. In this post,…

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