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What is Gap Insurance? Before we discuss whether or not you need it, a quick definition is in order:Gap insurance on a vehicle is designed to provide the difference between the current market value of the vehicle and what you actually owe on your car or truck (loan OR lease). READ MORE >>

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on condo living and condo insurance. Be sure to read Part 1, which discusses the most common condo agreements and how those agreements affect your condo insurance. This article addresses the main differences between a condo insurance policy and a home insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Condo ownership is becoming very popular. Retirees are choosing condo living so they can enjoy home ownership without many of the associated maintenance issues that become difficult as they age. Condos are also typically smaller than many single family homes, so it's a good way to "downsize. READ MORE >>

When two people decide to share a household, it's pretty typical to split household duties. Perhaps one partner is better at handling financial matters and the other is better at household chores. This delegationcertainly makes a household run smoother. In some cases, one partner handles EVERYTHING that relates to a household. READ MORE >>

Most people think there are only two kinds of auto insurance – full coverage and liability only.  Full coverage typically means that someone has liability PLUS collision and comprehensive coverage.  That means that they are covered if they cause damage to someone else (liability)... READ MORE >>

If you're lucky, you've never been involved in an auto accident. But that doesn't mean it will never happen. And truthfully, a claim is when you figure out if you have "good" insurance or not right? Because until you use it, you just don't know. But is that really the best time to discover if you have good insurance or not? READ MORE >>

Communication is everything. And our new customers David and Linda were experiencing a serious lack of communication with their former agent.  They also didn't understand their insurance policies, what they covered, etc. and wanted someone to sit with them and explain them. READ MORE >>

Introducing our 2017 Referral Program- "G is for Giving!" We are VERY excited about our 2017 Referral program. Our theme is "G is for Giving" and with your help, we want to GIVE as much as we can to you and our local schools. Read on for details.  Here's What We're Giving Away: READ MORE >>

We just wrapped up our annual Toy Drive for Lutheran Community Services Christmas gift baskets and were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the contributions we received. It looks like it was the best year so far! Here's a picture of the final amount of donations. Isn't it amazing? READ MORE >>

Congratulations to Laura Rostorfer- the winner of our 2016 Referral Rewards program Grand Prize! Laura won a $500 Kroger gift card and is VERY excited. When asked how she plans to use the gift card, she replied, "We seldom shop at Kroger, so this is a big treat for us. READ MORE >>

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