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Farm Insurance- including Bellefontaine, Marysville, Columbus and Central Ohio

Farms require special insurance that goes beyond what a typical homeowners insurance policy can cover. If you have farm-type buildings (think pole barns, stables, chicken coops, silos and machine sheds), farm equipment (tractors, combines, sprayers, planters, irrigation equipment) and farm-type animals (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens), then farm insurance is right for you. 

Even if you don't live on a working farm, but have many of the farm type exposures listed above, farm insurance is probably still a good option. Bottom line- a typical homeowners insurance policy is NOT designed to handle any of the exposures mentioned, so make sure you're getting the policy you need.

That's where we come in.  

We have options for farm insurance, from large working farms all the way down to "gentleman" farmer operations that covers both farm property and farm liability. We take the time to discuss your situation, do a detailed analysis, then determine the best option for you, based on YOUR needs and budget. 

 What does farm insurance cover?

Property Section

  • Coverage A- The house itself.  This can include the house and any extra items attached to the house, such as decks and porches.
  • Coverage B- Detached outbuildings.  Detached buildings NOT part of the house. Think of detached garages and utility buildings.  When in doubt, ask!
  • Coverage C- Contents. Includes items not considered part of the house- think furniture, clothing and appliances. Here's a handy tip to decide what are contents and what are not: Imagine turning your house upside down. Whatever falls out are contents items. Most household contents in a detached building (hand tools, lawn mower, etc). would qualify too.
  • Coverage D- Loss of Use. Provides money should you need to relocate elsewhere temporarily due to damage from a covered claim. Examples of expenses where this money could be used include: hotel room, apartment, Laundromat, dry cleaning and meals.

Liability Section

  • Coverage M- Medical Payments. No-fault coverage to pay for medical bills sustained by a visitor to your home. Example: your friend trips over something in your house, falls and breaks a leg, through no fault of your own. Medical payments will step in and pay the medical bills. We call it "goodwill" insurance.

Farm owners insurance policy- additional coverage

In addition to the homeowners insurance coverage listed above, a farm insurance policy has lots of options available for farm-specific property and liability. Some of the most common are listed below. 

  • Coverage E- Farm Barns, Buildings and Structures. Property coverage for farm type outbuildings. Barns, silos, poultry houses and corn cribs are common examples. If it has a farm use, it should be listed as a farm building to avoid a claims problem. This can often include an additional dwelling on the premises such as a rental house. 
  • Coverage F- Scheduled Farm Property. Coverage for farm contents, equipment and livestock. Examples of farm contents and equipment include farm machinery (combine, tractor, planter, etc.), hay and tools. This coverage allows you to specifically schedule individual items- meaning you name what you want covered. We see this used most often with machinery.
  • Coverage G- Unscheduled Farm Property. Coverage for farm contents, equipment and livestock. Examples of farm contents and equipment include farm machinery (combine, tractor, planter, etc.), hay and tools. This coverage allows you to insure in a lump sum. However, you still need to create an inventory at claim timeto settle on the correct amount. 

How much does farm insurance cost?

Just like homeowners insurance, the answer is “it depends.” If you have a smaller home, with just a few outbuildings and not a lot of acreage, the cost could easily fall in line with a typical homeowners insurance policy.

However, a larger home with multiple outbuildings, more acreage and some animals could easily be quite a bit more.

And a commercial farm growing crops or raising animals will be near the top.

Remember that the farm owners policy covers the typical homeowners insurance items such as the house, detached outbuildings and contents. If the home coverage is $400,000, then that automatically means premium will be more than a $150,000 house.

Once you start adding other items such as farm buildings and farm property, the cost will increase more. But at the end of the day, your biggest concern should be that what matters the most on your farm is covered correctly. Especially if that farm is your main source of income. 


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Helpful Tip: You might want to consider packaging your farm insurance with auto insurance and umbrella insurance for the best coverage and discounts. 


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