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Congratulations on your first apartment! Or perhaps you've upgraded from an apartment to a house (still renting, but now you have more space and a yard- yay!).  This is where renters insurance comes in. And so do we. We have several choices when it comes to renters insurance and are happy to work with you to figure out what you need (and don't need).

Whether you're just starting out, or a lifelong renter, we take the time to talk with you, answer your questions and advise what will work best for your situation.  We also work to clear up mistaken assumptions that people have about renters insurance (trust us, there's a lot), so you're not surprised or unhappy when a claim happens.  Here's some of the most common questions we get......

What is renters insurance?

Although you may not own the place you're living at, you do own personal items inside such as clothing, small appliances, electronics and furniture. It may come as a surprise that your landlord is NOT responsible for protecting your personal items. That responsibility is completely on you.

A renters policy protects your personal items should something happen to them, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or even a lightning strike (think electronics). 

Not only does the policy protect your property, it also provides liability should something happen at your residence that is determined to be your fault- think someone visiting and falling or otherwise getting hurt. 

What does renters insurance cover?

Coverage C- Contents

  • Includes items not considered part of the house. Here's a handy tip to decide what are contents and what are not: Imagine turning your house upside down. Whatever falls out are contents items. Most household contents in a detached building (hand tools, lawn mower, etc). would qualify too. 

Coverage D- Loss of Use

  • Provides money should you need to relocate elsewhere temporarily due to damage from a covered claim. Examples of expenses where this money could be used include: hotel room, apartment, Laundromat, dry cleaning and meals. 

Coverage L- Personal Liability

  • Pays if you're legally liable for causing bodily injury or property damage to someone else. Here's two examples: 1) your pet or animal gets loose and runs in front of a vehicle causing damage to the vehicle and 2) you're hosting a party at your house and your guest decides to overindulge and get in a car, causing an accident. This coverage also pays for legal expenses. 

Coverage M- Medical Payments

  • No-fault coverage to pay for medical bills sustained by a visitor to your home. Example: your friend trips over something in your house, falls and breaks a leg, through no fault of your own. Medical payments will step in and pay the medical bills. We call it "goodwill" insurance.  

What does renters insurance NOT cover?

Many of the same exclusions in a homeowners policy apply to renters insurance. The most common property exclusions include flood, earthquake/earth movement, motor vehicles, and water backup from sewers, drains & sump pumps. Please note there are internal limitations for jewelry, guns and several other types of personal property. In many situations, earthquake and water backup coverage can be added to the policy for additional premium. 

The most common liability exclusions include damage to property owned by an insured, bodily injury or property damage that would be paid for by an auto, aircraft or watercraft policy, bodily injury or property damage as a result of business activities or bodily injury to an insured or members of that insured' s household. 

How much is renters insurance?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a renters insurance policy. Here are some of the most common:

  • Location- the part of the country you're in plays a big part.
  • Amount of contents coverage you need- someone asking for a minimum of $20,000 will pay less than someone needing $150,000.
  • Other coverage items requested- such as scheduled jewelry or guns or water backup coverage. The more you add, the more the premium will be.
  • Insurance score- Ohio is allowed to run an insurance score as part of the rating process. It takes into account such things as bill paying ability and amount of credit available. The better your insurance score, the better the premium. 
  • Multi-policy discount- many insurance companies offer a discount if you have your auto insurance and renters insurance with the same company. The discounts can often be significant, so ask about it. It could be to your benefit!

In our area of Ohio (keeping in mind it's rural), we see an average ANNUAL premium of $150-200.  That averages out to 50 cents per day! Not only is it affordable, but it can help you through a very difficult situation when friends & family can't (or can't for very long). 

Who needs renters insurance?

Anyone who can't afford to replace their belongings out of pocket or pay for alternate lodging for an extended period of time (while still paying rent of course) should seriously consider renters insurance. The policy does so much, including replacing belongings, providing money should you need to relocate temporarily, and protecting you if you're liable for something that happens at your place (this means legal defense if necessary). 

Let's be honest- How long would you want to sleep on Aunt Martha's couch because you have no other option? And when help from the Red Cross, a church group or another civic group ends- what do you do then? Renters insurance is an affordable and practical solution to protect your happy home.

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Helpful Tip: You might want to consider packaging your renters insurance with auto insurance for the best coverage and discounts. And if you own a home or condo instead, then a homeowners insurance policy or condo insurance policy is the right choice for you. 


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