Fallen trees on your property- who’s responsible?

fallen tree in yard

We previously discussed fallen trees and what coverage the Ohio homeowners insurance policy provides for repair and cleanup. In this post, we’re going to get into the heart of many arguments concerning fallen trees- who’s responsible for the tree when…

Does homeowners insurance cover fallen trees?

fallen tree on roof

One of the most common Ohio homeowners insurance claims we encounter is a tree falling on a property. Of course, the first question we get is “Does my homeowners insurance cover the tree and/or its removal?” The answer is- it depends. I…

Top Two (2) Reasons To Close Your Insurance Claim

insurance claim form

If you submit an Ohio auto insurance or home insurance claim and then decide you no longer want the insurance company involved, you are allowed to close your claim. A few things to keep in mind… This has been my general experience over 20+…

Does homeowners insurance automatically renew?

sign that says renew

As a general rule, Ohio homeowners insurance does automatically renew. BUT…….there are SOME exceptions. Read on for TWO common automatic renewal examples and THREE exceptions. NOTE: the exceptions are the ones you want to pay most attention to. Homeowners insurance automatic renewal…

Does homeowners insurance cover dog bite claims?

dog face

As a general rule, coverage for dog bite claims comes from the liability section of your Ohio homeowners, condo or renters insurance policy. Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage to others. The policy would pay up to the limit shown. HOWEVER, homeowners insurance…

Homeowners insurance for a new construction home

building a new home

So you’re making the leap and building a new home. Let the fun begin! However, in between picking out floor plans and fixtures, don’t forget about the homeowners insurance! Depending on your insurance company, insuring a new construction home may…

What Happens When Your Car is Totaled?

car accident

If you are ever involved in an auto accident in Ohio, and the damages are serious enough, chances are good your car might be totaled as a result. But what does the word “totaled” actually mean? And what does that…

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