Is Ohio a No-Fault State for Car Insurance?

word fault written on chalkboard

Easy answer- No. However, that doesn’t make a very long blog or helpful blog post ūüėČ So, in this blog you’ll find a sample definition of no-fault¬†car insurance, including a few no-fault states and what type of state is for‚Ķ

Top 10 Reasons Your Car Insurance Premium Increased

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So you just received your Ohio car insurance renewal and noticed that your premium increased. Maybe even a lot.  And you’re mad. You want to know why and you want to know NOW……. Trust me, we totally understand why you’re mad. But‚Ķ

What are the differences between Water Backup and Flood?

Water Backup vs Flood

Each seems each year brings more rain to Ohio, and more water in basements. However, homeowners insurance policies treat water differently depending on its cause. And not ALL water is covered under the homeowners insurance policy, whether via the basic…

What is NOT covered under a Personal Umbrella insurance policy

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Just like any insurance policy, an Ohio umbrella insurance policy doesn’t cover everything. This article lists several common exclusions, including two that are a surprise to many. Personal Umbrella Insurance does NOT cover punitive damages What does this mean? Punitive damages are legal-ese‚Ķ

How to switch your Ohio car insurance at any time

how to switch car insurance

This article clears up a big assumption about when you can switch car insurance. By reading this article, you’ll get an idea of how car insurance policies work, clear up the assumption you have to wait to switch, see examples‚Ķ

Can I get car insurance on a vehicle with a salvage title?

tow truck

The answer is a resounding ‚ÄúProbably.‚ÄĚ Yes, I know how much you hate answers like that, BUT Ohio¬†car insurance¬†isn‚Äôt always black & white. Unfortunately there‚Äôs a lot of gray depending on the situation. So let‚Äôs take a look at the‚Ķ

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