Can I get car insurance on a vehicle with a salvage title?

tow truck

The answer is a resounding “Probably.” Yes, I know how much you hate answers like that, BUT Ohio car insurance isn’t always black & white. Unfortunately there’s a lot of gray depending on the situation. So let’s take a look at the…

How To Handle a Car Accident on Private Property in Ohio

parking lot with cars

A car accident on private property can often work differently than accidents on public roadways. This article walks you through a typical private property accident and the claims process that follows. The accident Two people just finish grocery shopping and…

How Much Does General Liability Insurance cost?

office with people

If you’re thinking about taking the leap into business ownership, there are many things to consider and insurance is certainly one of them. When most small business owners think of “business insurance” they are usually thinking of general liability insurance.…

How To Get your new Ohio Driver License

driver license icon

Although Ohio changed it’s driver license a few years ago, not everyone has had a chance to renew theirs yet. So there’s still a lot of confusion, frustration and anger when it’s time to go to the BMV and renew. Before…

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